Weekly Summary, Weeks 7 and 8

Has it really only been two weeks? It feels like it’s been so long. Maybe that’s just the stress speaking.

These last two weeks, we had to create our radio show! This was…probably the most strenuous group project I’ve ever been a part of. Let’s answer some questions.

How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself?

Choosing a theme was fine, we figured that out when we were figuring out or name. It’s a good theme. it feels fun and unique. And we get to learn along with the audience.
As far as organization goes…well…

What was the easiest/hardest part of working as a group?

Let’s start with the hardest part. The hardest part was probably communicating with people. There were times when no one was discussing anything, and I was awkwardly sitting here (obsessively checking back to see if any progress was made) wondering if we were ever going to organize anything.

Eventually, I tried to get some things in order, like suggesting we should get the bumpers and commercials done in the first week, so we could vote and have those out of the way. Towards the end, when things got more frantic, we got better organized I think.

Another hard part was…I’m not very good at working with people. It just stresses me out beyond belief, especially when the parts I have to work on require me to rely on someone else to get it done, and that’s just stressful.

But don’t get me wrong; many of my group members were great! Great with communicating, offering up work, supporting each other to get this project done. Yes, there were some problematic times, there was a person that proved to be highly difficult to work with and basically refused to work as a group member, but for the most part, everything was fine.

The easiest part? Working on my own, I’d say. Making the little segments.

How did you decide upon your own contribution to the show — did you pick something in your comfort zone or did you decide to push yourself in a new direction?

Some of my contribution was because I was tired of waiting for things to happen. I kind of stepped in as a half-leader, suggesting things, offering to take some of the work load, suggesting breaking up into smaller groups, etc. That was a pretty big step out of my comfort zone. I was worried I’d come off as bossy, and I already have enough of a problem worrying about how I’m coming off in social situations. But I think it turned out fine.

Other things I contributed were a bit more in my comfort zone. Picking a bit of topic and recording my segment on it was what I expected to do, so it wasn’t a big deal. I also helped with editing the finished project, after Maryna was amazing enough to put everything together.

How do you feel your show holds together as a whole? Do you feel like you achieved your goals in terms of the story your group set out to tell? What do you think people will say about it?

I think it’s a solid show! We set out to talk about random things in history, and we nailed it with these two interesting topics. Had we had more time, or a different level of communication, maybe it could have been even better. But I think it sounds like a good show. Plus, it’s one of those shows that I believe could become a regular thing (though don’t ask me to work on it, I’m ready for a break!)

I can’t guess what people will say about it. I hope they’ll like it. Speaking for myself, I’m terrible at history, and so maybe it doesn’t interest me as much as it would other people. But I think this show in particular has a nice vibe to it, so it could draw listeners in.


Have I changed how I feel about audio? Not really. I was pretty happy working with audio when I came in, and that was probably my favorite part about the whole project. I learned how to do more things. I learned how hard it is to do a radio show. For something that can sound so simple, it can be incredibly time-consuming, stressful, and absolutely hair-graying to make something like this.

Did I think it was going to be simple, making a radio show? No, especially not when you have to work with five other people. But it was so much harder than I imagined! I guess that’s why it feels so good that it’s done.

Works this week:

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