Weekly Summary, Weeks 11 and 12

Geez, what a long two weeks. I don’t know why I’m so tired, I think I just stayed up too late last night, but it feels like such a relief to get all these videos over with.

I’m not much of a video person. I like watching them, and I can appreciate how much work and creativity goes into making them, but I personally do not like making videos. Sure, it can be fun sometimes, but mostly it’s time-consuming. And frustrating. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t exactly offer a lot of options or variety, so making something that meets my personal standards is pretty ridiculous. Why you can’t edit title screen graphics is beyond me.

But aside from just taking forever to finish something, and being a medium that I don’t personally like working with, it was fun. It takes a lot of work to put a story into video form, even though it’s the most easily understandable form of story-telling. Watching videos is so much easier that making them though. I have a new-found appreciation for all those videos I watch, especially with a lot of graphics and heavy editing. It is not easy.

Will I continue to make videos in the future? Maybe if I got better equipment and had more time to learn a more complicated video program. But for right now, it’s a pretty solid “no”. I’ll happily work with other forms of storytelling.

Works this Week:

Show Me How assignment (4 stars)
What do you love assignment (4 stars)
Complete Package assignment (4.5 stars)
Chipmunk Style assignment (3.5 stars)
Moving Object assignment (4 stars)
(Total: 20/16 stars)

Required: Conversation with Self assignment
6 Daily Creates

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