Weekly Summary, Week 9

Getting back into the swing of things after the hectic Radio Show week was difficult. Daily creates, assignments, etc. etc. Just back to the grind.

This week, we were learning about storytelling in the web, but it felt to me more like…regular storytelling. I’m still not sure how the web comes into play, aside from being a place where you can publish your stories. Maybe I just didn’t actively seek out more web-based assignments. The radio show was stressful, and I was happy to get back to what I knew.

Also this week, still more radio show things! We had to evaluate one radio show, along with our own. It was…interesting. It was cool to see how other groups did with their shows, what their topics were, how they went about with the editing of their shows, etc. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable evaluating shows though; sometimes I feel like I’m too critical. It’s also about five in the morning, so maybe I’m not a good judge right now, but oh well.

Work this Week:

Evaluation of The Verge
Evaluation of Our Group
Storytelling within the Web
Assignment 1 (3.5 stars)
Assignment 2 (3 stars)
Daily Creates story

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