Weekly Summary, Week 10

I’m managing to get this done fairly early this night of Halloween Saturday, because Sunday is day 1 of NaNoWriMo, and I want to devote as much of my time as possible to writing my novel! Plus, I’ve finished my weekly assignments, so why not finish the summary as well?

This week as about video, probably the most daunting for me. I don’t like how I look when I’m talking, so the idea of possibly having to film myself was terrifying. But, I braved through it, and though the self-consciousness is killing me, I feel as though I’m getting to be a better storyteller, perhaps.

Aside from the assignments, the readings and studying and analyzing of film was, to me, super enjoyable and fascinating. Ever since I got stuck in French New Wave Film for my Freshman Seminar, all those years back, I’ve been fascinated with film study! I overanalyze all the movies I see at this point, usually critiquing the storylines, as that’s what I understand best. But now I’ll be able to talk about the Rule of Thirds as applied to film, and look more closely at the camera work and audio choices!

Works this Week:

How to Read a Movie
Look, Listen, Analyze
Assignment 1, Assignment 2 (totaling 8 stars)
Daily Creates
Comment 1, 2, 3

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