Weekly Summary, Week 5

The subject of this week was visual storytelling, with photography and pictures. And the most important thing I learned this week: I still have a lot to learn about photography. Before, I was happy with a lot of the pictures I took, thinking they were decent, if not fairly well-composed. Turns out, my photography needs to be less bland, to have better focus and depth, different perspective, and way better lighting.

But that’s a great thing to learn! I’ve always been interested in photography a little bit (it’s my father’s hobby, so our house is filled with some of the amazing pictures he’s taken). This gave me a chance to look at the world in new ways, and to think about the camera in different ways as well.

I think I still need to think about storytelling in terms of pictures. It’s there, and I know it, but I still struggle to turn a picture into a great story. But this was a step, and I’m willing to continue my practicing and try new tips.

This Week’s Work:
Reflection on Photo Tips
Best Of Flickr
Daily Creates
Visual Assignments: 1 (3.5 stars), 2 (3.5 stars), 3 (2 stars)  ((total: 9 stars))

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