The Dress Designer Dilemma

Sofie woke up every morning to do the same thing. She would make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then sit down at her desk to draw.






Sofie was a dress designer. She didn’t make the dresses, she just liked to make the designs. Brides would call her and leave their measurements, what type of dress they would like, and when they would like it. Sofie’s job was just to draw up the designs and send them to the brides, who would take that design to a seamstress.

But, Sofie only made dresses for plus-sized brides. She herself being plus-sized, she hated the way the industry ignored woman of her size and larger. So, halfway through receiving a degree in Biochemistry, she switched to being a designer. Now, nearly a decade later, she’s ecstatic with her job and is always happy to hear customers proclaim how much they love her designs.

Today, in fact, Sofie had two new messages left in her voicemail. While she was eating her bowl of cereal, she played them.

Sofie was fully prepared to create the dress for Bella, but Diane’s request… She couldn’t turn it down; you don’t make money from turning down clients. But something within her stirred, some uncomfortable feeling that this was wrong and went against all her morals. Still, she accepted, and set to work designing the soon-needed outfits.


It took her a while, and she had spent most of her time working on Bella’s dress, as if to compensate for the wrong she was doing making Diane’s dress. She made several designs, but chose one for each that she believed would work well. She carefully slid them into their manila folders, labeled them with the addresses she called to ask for, and went off to the post office to mail them.

She expected to hear back from the two women within a few days, to confirm the designs or ask for new ones. What she hadn’t expected was to wake up one morning to two irate voicemails.

Sofie was shocked, confused, couldn’t understand what had happened. Then, it hit her. She had put the designs in the folders before putting the addresses on. She must have mixed up the designs and sent them to the wrong women!

She called them both, talking to Diane first, since she seemed to be the most volatile. Diane answered, but was far too angry with her to discuss the issue. She hissed and spat, saying she was finding another designer and that she had torn up the designs. “You’re not getting any money from me!” she yelled, and slammed the phone down.

Sofie’s conversation with Bella went much smoother. While Bella was upset, she listened to Sofie, understood the mix-up, and apologized if she seemed so rude. “Weddings are stressful, you know? I just want to have the perfect dress.”

“I’ll make it for you,” Sofie said, just happy that she hadn’t lost both clients.

She set to work recreating the design for Bella, and sent it off on the same day, hoping they would get there in time.

There was no answer for a while. Sofie woke up every morning and checked her messages, hoping to hear something from Bella, but she never did. It wasn’t until she received a small envelope that she knew what had happened with Bella and her design.

Wedding invite

An invitation? It even had a little hand-written note from Bella on the back! Sofie was shocked–she hadn’t ever been expected to attend one of her clients’ weddings. She stared at the invitation, holding it in her hands as she stood over her drawing desk, deciding whether or not she wanted to go.

There was no reason for her not to go! She booked the flight and, once the month of the wedding had rolled around, took off. She was anxious, nervous, she had never seen her designs come to life in person. She hadn’t even met a client face-to-face in several years.

The wedding took place, and Sofie was sitting in the back of the room, where she hopped no one would mind her. The ceremony started. Everyone’s heads turned towards the back of the church, and Sofie turned and saw the bride. The dress swayed around her, just as Sofie hoped it would, and as the ceremony went on, Sofie couldn’t help but take great pride in her work.

During the reception, Sofie approached Bella. She seemed confused for a moment, but once Sofie had introduced herself, she let out a sharp scream and pulled her into a hug.

“Thank you so much,” she said, pulling back and smiling at Sofie. “You’re like a fairy godmother. I could have never believed I would look so beautiful in a wedding dress.”

Sofie smiled, said it was no problem, and happily disappeared into the rest of the party.



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