Round Up those Daily Creates!

Another week of daily creates! And ah, what a good bunch there were this time. This week I found myself drawn to the photography-related daily creates for…obvious reasons, maybe, but I feel they gave me more practice for learning different photography techniques.

Anyway, he’s the collection of them, along with little blurbs about what I like and what inspired me.

Zzz’s All Over Me

What inspired me the most for this particular picture was just going through the Noun Project’s collection of little patterns. I saw the speech bubbles first, and they caught my eye really well. Then I let the idea sit throughout the day, ultimately being tired once my classes were over, which resulted in this sleepy, naptime daily create. I did run into the problem of my roommate being out, so that I couldn’t photograph her and have an actual human to print over, but I made it through with a pillow.

Latte Art

Ah, yes, the failed creation that is the latte mug cake. Hm. I was drawn to this one because I had recently seen a tutorial on how to make these, and they looked so cute! Along with that, my friend wasn’t feeling well that day, and I figured I would make her something to cheer her up! Unfortunately, I didn’t account for my terrible baking skills, so while the design itself is subpar, the feelings are still in it!

The Future Meets the Past

This one was pretty much inspired on the spot by the print itself. The way they were standing around this table, it was easy for me to imagine there being a holographic map or globe of some sort that they’re arguing over. I just threw the image into GIMP and edited it to add the new technology, and voila!

Not Pictured: Everything

I loved the concept behind this daily create, because I absolutely adore pictures that show the behind-the-scenes of really incredible and pretty pictures. I especially love when pictures are superimposed on each other to kind of tell this framed narrative, and this create gave me the opportunity to learn how to do this! The inspiration was simple, really; I love making food, and I love photographing my food, but I always have to find a clean spot on the counter because I make such a mess. Of course, the mess in this picture is a liiiittle bit exaggerated, but it’s not too far from the truth sometimes.

One thought on “Round Up those Daily Creates!

  1. Your daily creates for this week are all very creative and unique. With your first daily create it was interesting to learn that you had to use pillows to get your “sleeping person” for the photo because had you not included that in the description I would have thought it was an actual person. And for the last daily create, your photos go very well together to show your behind the scenes of a simple baking Instagram photo. All of your daily creates for this week were very well done!

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