Daily Creates for Week 6

4 more daily creates for week 6, finished today, hot off the presses.

For tdc1359, mixing up some logos


For tdc1361, an upside-down photo


For tdc1362, a photo of the coming time change


And, for tdc1363, an image of what is through my window


One thought on “Daily Creates for Week 6

  1. I had to comment here if just but for the Sony logo. In my wandering arounds, that mashup has taken me aback the most. The Registered trademark was a nice touch. The upside down photo was a really good idea, I wish I had thought of such an idea for when I completed the assignment. I like the contrast of mixing some things as upside down and others as not.

    I will admit, I am not quite sure what you are getting at with the clock picture, you have a lot of neat stuff at your windowsill though.

    As for the final one, I can really empathize with you on that image. I think everyone who sees this in the near future can.

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