At Home, or Deeper

For the Daily Create today, we have to talk a bit about the negative sides of our “happy place”. Arguably, I’d say my happy place is home. I’m a hermit; 90% of the time, I’m in my apartment. It’s comfy and quiet and I know where everything is. No one here can judge me, and there’s very few things to give me anxiety (aside from the occasional spider ugh)

But my happy place goes a bit deeper than that. I’ve lived my life in a little, protective bubble. I like being in my own mind, where I make up scenarios in which I can speak, be myself, stand up for people, etc. I like being inside my own mind. Sometimes, when I’m especially tired, that area comes to me when I’m sleeping. When I can let my mind wander and dream up worlds and people to talk to.

Of course, this comes with a rather obvious underside: I am very lonely in my happy place. I don’t have anyone real to talk to. I’ll catch myself imagining these scenarios and talking to myself, and realize how much of a loser I am. I can’t be dreaming all the time (if I could, do you think I would be here now?) But it’s the world I choose to live in. My happy place is my creation and my downfall.

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