Acceptance discloses the Timeless

accepttimeI find it necessary to discuss this particular daily create, as, when I initially read the prompt, I thought it was so vague and confusing.

“Resistance throws you into time. Acceptance discloses the timeless.”

I thought about it all day. How would you illustrate something like that? What exactly does it mean to me?

Eventually I decided that it meant, if you try to resist the passage of time, fit as much things as you can inside an hour, trying to extend it as much as you can with an invariable factor–if you try and make the hour longer, you’ll only make time faster. We know the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun”, but I think it also flies when you’re stressed about getting everything done in time. You resist the passage of time as much as you can, and it fights back by flying by.

That’s why you accept that time passes. You accept that you can’t get everything done in an hour. Sometimes you can’t get one thing done in an hour. But once you accept that, you won’t have to deal with time anymore. Time will be a fictional thing. Time only controls you if you allow it; accept that you cannot control time, and it will not control you.

I was going to make this a gif, but that would have taken way too long.



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