What isn’t a Remix?

I guess I never realized before that everything is a remix, and even who we are as people is just a mashup of everything we’ve been exposed to. I mean, I’m personally aware that I start picking up speaking habits that my friends have, and I suppose now that I think about it, that’s just…a mashup? A remix of all the people I’ve met, and maybe all the people they’ve met? Is anything original?

But, like, it’s a little reassuring to know that pretty much everything is a remix of something that’s been previously made. Even the car was made up of different ideas, so it can’t necessarily be considered as original.

And so videos like Scary Mary, which transforms the original Mary Poppins movie, the Shining Recut, and Singing Obama, are all kind of original works of art. I mean they are original works of art, but since copyright laws are so wibbly-wobbly nowadays, it’s hard to separate these remixes from the original works and think of them as stand-alone inventions.

Honestly, though, copyright is the biggest issue regarding remixing things, and pretty much everything in general. The copyright laws sometimes make it hard to even learn in class, because professors can’t photocopy works to give us supplemental reading. It’s ridiculous how long the laws last now, and it’s becoming detrimental to creators and creativity as a whole. If remixing things is the only way to make something creative, then what are we going to do when we can’t remix everything?

As an English major, I’ve always thought the world was against liberal arts and has been trying to slowly crush it. But this brings it into a whole new light, honestly.

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Everything is a Remix

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