The Best of the Amateur

Best Of

For this week, we had to make an album on Flickr of the works we would consider “the best”. Currently, though, that album is filled with…mostly amateur pictures, which have been edited in Instagram.

Still, I believe these photos accurately represent the kind of…basic aesthetic I’m attracted to when taking pictures. I love pictures that are either faded or highly contrasted, with slightly unsaturated colors, or colors that are almost too vibrant. I also have a thing for taking pictures of buildings and scenery. I’m more of a “still-life” than a “capture the moment” kind of person.

Along with this, all of these photos represent a part of me. My teddy bear, the beauty of the courtyard outside my apartment, the library, my favorite pastimes, and my backyard at home. They’re all little bits of myself that I find around my life that make up who I am. It could also be seen as the places I travel to (from home to university to fun stores around town).

2 thoughts on “The Best of the Amateur

  1. It’s always best to have photos in your “best” album that represent you! pictures are always better if they are taken with love than just for the sake of taking them. I especially like the last one of the fog. Despite being, as you say, an amateur picture, it’s pretty creative and looks really cool! great job! #TalkingPolack2015

  2. All of these photos are fantastic! Even if you think you’re just an amateur, you are doing a wonderful job. I love your picture with the teddy bear next to all of the ice cream. Those lights in the freezer make for perfect lighting. The picture also reminds of the nights when you want to eat a whole pint of ice cream, cuddle up with your favorite stuffed animal, and just watch a movie with your friends. That’s a great night if you ask me. #talkingpolack106

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