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I’ve never been comfortable writing comments on things, especially when there was a guaranteed chance that someone would see them, but I found this assignment to be a good way to get out of my comfort zone. I loved reading many different blog posts, and seeing what everyone else thought of certain assignments. It allowed me to see things from different perspectives, and to think about things I hadn’t thought about when making my own posts.

As far as writing the comments went, I did find it to be a little difficult in finding out exactly what I should write. I did read the Red Pen Pals article on giving feedback, but sometimes posts just didn’t have enough for me to really comment on, or else I just couldn’t come up with anything constructive. I know I tend to be overly nice about certain things, and have that typical “this is truly incredible and you’re amazing!” attitude when talking to people, and that’s not very good for constructive feedback. I’m also not very good at sparking conversations with people, as is evident through the type of comments I left.

I think, though, since I tended to gravitate towards blog posts that were similar in format and style to my own, that could be the reason/downfall to my comments this week. It was a step out of my comfort zone, of course, but it definitely gives me something to work at next week. I’ll need to step even further out of my comfort zone.

The feedback I got back, however, was wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments. They, like the blog posts, gave me different perspectives to what I wrote about, and more ideas and information for how I can expand my own sense of the world.

I also realized that I forgot the hashtag on pretty much all of my comments. Just completely slipped my mind. I need to pay better attention to stuff like that.

Collection of Comments:
Mitchell’s Hot Topics, “Breaking the Seal”
Not Your Parents’ Storytelling, “First Thoughts about Storytelling”
Picky Miss, “Storytelling, You Say?”
Adoesneuropsych, “Vonnegut’s Approach”

(The following two comments have, at the time of writing this post, not been moderated, so I will include the comment beneath the link)

Salty Skinn, “Shape of Stories”
“I’ve never seen Gone Girl, although I’ve heard it’s a fantastic film, although it seems like no one in the film is really a great person! You did an excellent job of describing the plot and the way it fits into the “downward spiral” graph. It seems like no matter whose perspective the film was shot from, it would always end up in this same graph, which makes it pretty interesting.”

Chantel’s Blog, “Michael Wesch”
“I fully agree with you on posting relevant and factual information, and how it’s so much easier to post the first information you see rather than look through various sources. I think that’s something that the internet and digital media has the biggest problem with. There’s just so much information, you have to spend time finding out what’s right and has facts to back it up and is the most recent information, etc. etc. It’s definitely something I find myself struggling with, considering how vast and fast the internet moves nowadays. You definitely have some interesting views on this!”

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