Evaluation of Our Show (Wacky History)

The other thing we had to do for this week was an evaluation of our own radio show, Wacky History.

Quality of Sound

There is some sudden loud noises, like the transition from the initial loud Rachel introduction, to the second segment that she sent to me after the initial draft. There’s also some strange feedback in this first section, which is kind of distracting, although it might be more noticeable with headphones on.

It’s clear a lot of times that different microphone qualities were used, which can make some sections harder to hear than others, or else harder to understand.

There is some background noise in Mitchell’s first section (inserted by him) which is kind of audible and hindering.

Quality of Audio Editing

There are certain transitions that aren’t so smooth as others, and sometimes audio cuts out suddenly and comes back.

The part at the end of Maryna’s section, unfortunately, sounds like it’s very suddenly cut off. I really wish it didn’t sound that way, but there’s not much we can do.

Use of Sound Effects

Sound effects didn’t really exist outside of the bumpers, commercials, and Ben’s sections. But Ben did an amazing job of picking appropriate sound effects, integrating them in a way that wasn’t too sudden and jarring, and helps to add to the story.

Use of Music

There is music beneath each segment which is not overwhelming, but is sometimes underwhelming. I’m personally at fault for this, and apologize.

The music is also in the same vein of being kind of upbeat or “wacky”. It fits the pacing, or else is used to soften or speed up sections to keep interest.

The music changes often and keeps attention, fading out and in at certain times.

The music in the lightning round is a good selection, although I personally would have preferred an instrumental version of the song. I’m just easily distracted by things, so the singing grabs my attention a bit more than the talking. (It’s a good song, it’s not easy to ignore).

Show Structure

The structure is very organized in the beginning. The only part that feels sort of cut-up and stitched together to me is the cut in the middle of the Wedding Rings section.

Other than that, I believe splitting the show in two is an effective way of covering these stories, and including that small lightning round section helps keep interest and act as a transition period for the show.

Effectivity of Story

There isn’t really a story. It’s more of an informative show about various things. There’s a story in the objects and how they change and evolve in history, which can be fairly interesting. There’s not necessarily drama, but there is a sense of questioning and (to a very minor degree) suspense in trying to find out more about an object.

Again, I’m not personally much of a history person, so it’s not the kind of show I would seek to listen to, but I think it’s fairly interesting. If someone is really into history, I hope they would find it an interesting show


4 / 5 stars


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