Evaluating The Verge

For this week, I am one of the evaluators of The Verge radio show.

Quality of Sound

For the first official segment (not including the introductory section that explains what all will be discussed on the show), the music is a bit too loud and almost overpowers the voice. It’s not super overwhelming, but it definitely distracts me from what’s being said. Other than that, it is a nice selection of music that fits the pacing.

The  second section feels like it’s significantly quieter. It’s not unhearable, but it’s definitely a contrast to previous sections.

There is sudden, loud music right after the second section.

The sound in the third section is louder, but at a tolerable level that isn’t too loud or soft. There are a lot of background noises (such as the computer alert and mouse clicking) which is very distracting and could have been removed or fixed in some way.

The sound quality in the fourth section are also good, and on the same level as the previous section.

Quality of Audio Editing

There are certain blips where the audio feels like it was awkwardly cut. Maybe that’s my computer skipping though? It’s difficult to tell.

Some voice pauses that are extended for slightly too long (in the middle of sentences) could have been edited out to create smoother sentences.

The transitions are fine, excepting sudden loud noises, and there is only one commercial that feels like it’s floating out of place.

Use of Sound Effects

Sound effects in the first section about Alzheimer’s are used well and are not overwhelming, but they also feel a bit out of place for some reason. For example, the birds chirping in the section about the medical center feels a bit unnecessary.

The sound effects in the second section are a tad overwhelming and, I believe, kind of unnecessary. The suddeness of the sounds of on-field talking and such is fairly loud and goes on for what feels like a second too long. The sudden whistles during the sadder section is also very jarring.

In the third section, there aren’t really sound effects per se, but there is a small section where we hear a heartbeat, which is useful.

There are some sound effects used in the fourth section, but there’s very abrupt and don’t really add anything to the story.

Use of Music

The section where we are told about what is going to happening in the show has no music under it, though I feel it could benefit it. Otherwise, it drags on a little.

In the first section, music is used very effectively, if in a way that I feel is a big gimmick-y when using the sad music under the seriousness of Alzheimer’s. That’s probably just me being personally cynical.

The music in the second section is more well-mixed, not as overwhelming, and also fits the pace. It does stop and start rather abruptly, though.

There is no music in the third or fourth sections, which makes them feel a little out of place compared to the other sections, and like there wasn’t as much effort put into them.

Show Structure

I think there’s a commercial placed inbetween sections, without any bumpers around it, so it feels very shoved in there.

The show is laid out effectively, as all the stories move down the body from the head. The sections feel like they belong in the same story, and aren’t so out of place.

I do have to question the use of setting up the show at the beginning in such extensive detail, and then stating the same thing at the end. It feels rather unnecessary, especially for a show that is only about 20 minutes long.

Effectivity of Story

While the show does effectively move through the body, there isn’t really a solid, traditional story line. It feels like a collection of reports that talk about various different diseases or injuries that can happen in the body. Perhaps it’s simply because this is, personally, not the kind of show I would be interested in listening to. But there’s no drama, and the only unknown that exists is what I don’t know about any of the topics.


3.5 / 5 stars

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