“Broke Sophomore in College” reviewed by Broke Senior

I was attracted to “Broke Sophomore in College” due to its relatable title, as can be imagined, and it’s very true to said title. The story itself is told in a rather simplistic way, like a cautionary fairytale you’d tell your young children, but it serves its purpose in relating a story about a college boy struggling to buy textbooks.

This story is mostly enjoyable due to its depressing ending. Sure, Chris gets his textbooks in the end, but at the cost of his credit score, which will ultimately be more important after graduation than the $500 textbooks that will barely be used during the semester. The story leaves a very raw feeling of sadness at the end; anybody who’s had to pay for textbooks themselves when they’re not rich knows the feeling.

It also has a hint of future repetition. It’s only Fall semester of Sophomore year, and, assuming Chris stays in college, textbook prices will only get worse. Everything in the story can be repeated about twice a year, up until graduation–and even then, there’s grad school. There’s a continuing story around this one that’s left unspoken, but can be assumed from the way it’s told and what we know about money in the education system.

The story also does a great job of incorporating multiple forms of media seamlessly in the story. The audio recording replaces any need for dialogue, the picture of the auto repair bill shows the reader that all the money Chris had saved was gone, etc. That’s what makes it an excellent digital story–the entire thing is dependent on the inclusion of these different digital elements. Without them, there would be pieces of information missing, and while they could be supplemented by more writing, the digital media makes it more entertaining and captivating for the reader.

One thought on ““Broke Sophomore in College” reviewed by Broke Senior

  1. This sounds like a relatable story. It is a great thing to see how similar trends come about through the internet and web. Great post! I agree, the digital parts he had in his story definitely make the story. Without them, it wouldn’t be as interesting. #talkingPolack106

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