Attempted Tips

For this week, we had to look through some tips on creating better photography, and then try to apply them to the photos we took this week! It turns out, this was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. It was interesting though, and it got me to slow down a little when I was trying to take pictures for the assignments or daily creates.

One of the tips I tried to focus on was paying attention to lighting. This one I knew the importance of, but I also knew that I needed to get better at learning different types of lighting, and figuring out what angles would create the best light for what situation. One of my favorite pictures that I took while thinking of this tip was for one of my assignments.

My Buddy Benjamin

When I was pre-composing this image in my mind, I was remembering the lighting in the freezer as being fairly bright, and I thought it would look pleasant. It turns out, in fact, that the lighting inside grocery store freezers is not that great at certain angles, so I had to position my subject and myself so that the light was focused on them. Basically this taught me to not judge lighting by how it looks at a single angle, and that there’s always a way to work against inconvenient lighting to get a good shot.

For the next tip, I wanted to focus on was adding depth to my pictures. Too often, I just take a picture straight-on, and don’t try to add anything fancy to make the photo less flat.

Splash of Magic

I chose this photo, because I originally took it from a straight-on angle. That was my first instinct, and while I thought the photo would be nice, I decided that I needed to spice it up a little. This was the second or third photo I snapped, and I love it even more than the original. Though the depth isn’t too deep, that slight hint of the books disappearing to the left of the picture adds so much to it. Before, it would have been a flat picture of a bookshelf, but now there’s some depth to it.

Finally, I wanted to focus on perspective. Like depth, I’m not one to really change my perspective all that much to get a nice shot. Usually I’ll just go with the first shot I get.

Daily Create 1357

I’m choosing one of my daily creates for this tip, because I think it really captures a change of perspective for me. I am not a tall person, so to get this shot, I had to drag my step stool into the kitchen, so that I could get that perfect bird’s-eye view. And I think it really changes how the scene would have looked, had I shot it from my standing position. This tip made me realize that sometimes it’s better to go the extra mile, spend the extra minute climbing on top of something to get a different perspective of things.

But, the photo I think best represents some of these tips together:

Beam Me Up, Flashlight

The first photo I took for the photoblitz. The lighting comes from the object itself, which is extremely different than anything I’ve done before. It creates depth by illuminating the bed spread in front of it, while making the background completely dark (it was taken in a well-lit room, which I hadn’t even realized until now). And it’s a different perspective of a flashlight than people normally see when it’s lit. I think this is the photo where I really sat down and tried to focus on all these tips at once.

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