A Little Magick, Reflection

I really loved the idea of this activity, having to tell a story without words. And, once I had finally figured out what kind of story I wanted to tell, it was a lot of fun trying to arrange everything, get the lighting I wanted, and figure out how I wanted to convey what was in my mind’s eye.

It was a fun activity though. I have previously done exercises in writing where we would be given a random photograph and told to write a story about that photo, and I always adored those. I figured it was time to step away from the writing half and try out the picture half for a change.

The trouble came with thinking up a story to tell. There were a couple ideas throughout the brainstorming process, but since I’m terrible at writing ideas down so I don’t forget them, they quickly left my mind. I suppose I settled on this idea of a witch trying to help her plants grow because that’s what’s most dear to me right now. Could I have made it look better? Sure, maybe if I had the time to wait for these plants to actually grow, or the power to make sure they bloomed, but unfortunately nature likes to take its time.

Overall, though, I’m glad I chose to step a little away from my comfort zone and, instead of writing a story based on some pictures, actually take those pictures myself. Telling a visual story is something I’ve never played around with much, so this activity is a good exercise in creativity as well as storytelling.

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