Do the Photoblitz!

An assignment I thought would be the most fun, but actually turned out to be the most challenging, was the Photoblitz!

I chose to do it in my apartment, because as I was looking around, I could imagine all the different prompts I could do with all the various stuff we have. However, as it turns out, I am not very good at photography, and it’s very difficult to complete these prompts in an interesting and objectively good way.

As such, there isn’t a whole lot from the pictures I took that came out as good as I would have liked. But, I think that’s a good thing! Like we heard about from Glass last week: failing is part of the process! Plus, it did help me figure  out more things about lighting and angles. Anyway, on to the show!

First! The time:


The one extra minute was spent trying to get my phone camera to focus enough to actually show the time. I can promise you I was actually done a couple minutes early.

Now! The blitz:






















Some of these photos I’m unfortunately still undecided on. But, considering the rest of the batch, these are the best of the mediocre, I suppose. Anyway, these photos are, in order: Complexity, Dominated by a Single Color, Object turned Extraodinary, Openness, and 2 Objects that Don’t Belong

I think my favorites are the Extraordinary Object and the 2 Objects one. For the first, I’m fascinated by close-ups of things, and especially when they’re put into a bizarre perspective. Think…The Borrowers or The Secret World of Arrietty. I love seeing things from a different view point, especially if that view point is from super tiny creatures.

And with the second picture, I just really like the colors, as well as how it kind of represents me as a person. The flower crown is something I made earlier this week, in order to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, and the controller I use for some of my computer games (specifically, Saints Row, a game notorious for it’s…questionable morals). Not only is there a contrast in what the items are used for, and how they exist in the world (nature vs industry), but I also like the contrasting colors, between the subdued and dead-looking flowers, and the lively, bright, popping blue of the controller. I guess I could argue that the objects aren’t so outside each others company, but I still love the idea of what this photo represents.

Looking through others’ takes on this challenge opened my eyes to how creative you can be with a lot of these prompts, and how you can take ordinary objects and make them something incredible.

The ones I found most interesting were Miles Davis’s picture of the trash and recycling cans, for being such an interesting take on the idea of what does and does not belong together; Adam Hoff’s picture of the backlit can, for having such a different composition and lighting technique, which really draws the viewer’s attention to it; and Ashlyn Runk’s picture of oil in water, for having this interesting perspective and a really fascinating textured background, which I think really adds to the picture. All of these really caught my eye when I first saw them, and I think that’s because of their unique view, as well as the attention to detail.

2 thoughts on “Do the Photoblitz!

  1. Hey Tori!

    Really great job on this assignment. The one of the objects that don’t belong is my personal favorite, followed by an object made to look extraordinary. You made that flower crown? That’s beautiful! I like how you mentioned the contrast of nature and technology. I talked about that in one of my main visual assignments and it’s interesting how technology becomes bigger while nature seems to fade away.
    P.S. The picture of the object made to look extraordinary is so good that I had to stare at it for a couple of minutes just to figure out what I was looking at. #talkingpolack106


  2. Whoa, these pictures are gorgeous!. I also like taking photos form the perspective of something tiny. It makes everything look so different form the point of view. I like the contrast between the controller and the flower crown It’s like the bright blue of the summer ocean is being swallowed by the upcoming fall. It’s great that you contrasted them in another way as well. The battle of technology vs. nature! #talkingpolack106

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