Darcy’s Squeaky Proposal

The 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is beloved by all. It’s sometimes credited as the beginning of the cult-ish nature of Jane Austen works. And, of course, it has a lovely, completely unnecessary scene of Colin Firth in a wet shirt. Really, though, this adaptation is really great. To be honest, despite being an […]

Over the Garden Wall Trailer

In a strange twist of fate, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the end of Over the Garden Wall! So I suppose it’s fitting that I chose to complete the Complete Package assignment (4.5 stars) by making a trailer for OTGW. This show, even though it’s only a 10-episode mini-series, is absolutely phenomenal, and I […]

Extremely Simple Timelapsed Makeup

When I was younger, I used to shun all those girls who wore makeup. Especially if they wore it every day. “If they manage to spend so much time on their makeup everyday, I can’t help but think about how poor their grades are” and “I’m not like other girls; I don’t wear makeup.” I […]

Looking, Listening, and Analyzing

So, for this assignment, I’ll be examining This Scene from the movie Good Will Hunting, which I have never seen before. Let’s start! Look: The clip begins with Robin Williams in the center of the shot, and spends a long time just focused on him as he speaks. Then it very subtly begins panning/turning to the […]