Our Group

There’s nothing highly special about our group. Just a bunch of witches, doing magic, influencing the universe to make our lives just a little bit better.

I was pulled into the group without question. I was walking through the hallways at school, minding my own business while casually spying on the insides of other students’ lockers. I noticed the light catching on a small, dark stone. A bloodstone. The girl, a tall rugby player who I had seen walking around school at various times, always wearing a sweatband and looking like she was about to go to practice, closed the locker and eyed me suspiciously.

I didn’t say anything at first. I didn’t say anything to her for about a week, actually, though I would pass her locker multiple times when she was getting her books for the next class, always looking at that crystal and wondering if she was using it for something.

As I was keeping an eye out on her, I starting noticing other students around school using items of magic throughout the day. A boy wearing a quartz talisman, a person drawing sigils on various objects they owned, two girls constantly exchanging little pieces of garnet and amethyst, holding them up to the fluorescent lights, marveling at them.

Eventually I thought I was just thinking too much about it. A quartz talisman could just be a pretty necklace; those sigils could just be doodles; those girls could just be really into geology. It wasn’t until the girl with the bloodstone approached me at my locker and asked me if I knew anything about witchcraft. That’s the way she put it–very blunt, very open. “Do you know about witchcraft?”

I blushed, stuttered, awkwardly muttered a small “yes, kind of, maybe? Why?”

She smiled–she had a very kind face, I had never looked at it so closely before–and she said, “I figured. You keep that satchel on you, and I’ve heard you muttering chants under your breath. Sorry, I recognized one of them from one my grandmother would tell me all the time.”

And that was pretty much it. She brought me to the rest of the group–they met in the library after school on Tuesdays–and we all got introduced. She was Emily, a rugby player who used crystals and spells to help her during practice. There was Nate, the boy with the quartz talisman, who wears it for various reasons, mostly to help with concentration during tests. The person, Max–agender, they use “they” pronouns–does draw sigils on things, mostly to practice before casting one. And the two girls, Kim and Sarah, are very into geology, but they also believe in the spiritual properties of certain stones.

They came together to be themselves. Nothing sinister or exceptionally spectacular about it; just a bunch of witches being witches. And they were happy to let me join.