Comments Collection, Week 2

This week, I wasn’t as on top of comments as I should have been, if I’m being perfectly honest. I was so focused on getting my assignments done in a timely manner, I almost completely forgot to check out my peers’ blogs, and so I hustled to read through some last night.

But! I still enjoyed what I read. Even when I didn’t comment on things, a lot of the posts I read about radio techniques were both interesting and informative. I figured those posts would be a good idea to look at, so I could compare and contrast what I had heard to what others had heard. A lot of people pointed out things that I hadn’t even thought of, like tone of voice and who’s speaking.

I probably do still need to work on comments though. I find myself avoiding checking out peoples’ assignments and creative works, due to my awkwardness and thinking it would just be too intimate to listen to them. It’s not, it’s a public forum, but it’s something that’s out of my comfort zone that I really need to work on. And I’ll try to do that next week.

Picky Miss’s “This American Life-I Was Just Trying to Help!”
Emma S.’s “Listening to Stories”
Eagle Vision DS106’s “Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad Summary/Reflection”
Adoesneuropsych’s “This American Life: Ira Glass on Storytelling”
Salty Skinn’s “Listening to Stories”

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