Comment Collection, Week 5

This week was a week for lots of comments. 2 for each member of our radio show group, so that we could get to know their content better, and 3 comments for other blogs.

It was also a week where there weren’t really reflections, and a lot of creative things. And it was really fun, and good for me, considering I’ve felt awkward in previous weeks with commenting on other people’s creations. I found out that a lot of people are extremely skilled in photography and photo editing, as well as telling stories through and around their photos.

Group comments:
Prosperous Daisy’s “Keep Practicing” and “Focus Here Please
Mitchell’s Hot Topics’s “Everything Old is New Again” and “Reflection #5: Freeze Frame
Not Your Parents’ Storytelling “Photoblitz Bop!” and “Consider My Flickr ‘Pimped’
And Picky Miss‘s blog I would have loved to comment on, but I wasn’t aware she was part of our group until late last night, so I apologize

General Comments:
Amanda’s DS106 Blog’s “A Candle: Burning Inspiration and Impossibility” and “PhotoBlitz in my Front Yard
Stephanie King’s “I See Skies of…Green?

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