Evaluation of Our Show (Wacky History)

The other thing we had to do for this week was an evaluation of our own radio show, Wacky History. Quality of Sound There is some sudden loud noises, like the transition from the initial loud Rachel introduction, to the second segment that she sent to me after the initial draft. There’s also some strange […]

The Best of the Amateur

For this week, we had to make an album on Flickr of the works we would consider “the best”. Currently, though, that album is filled with…mostly amateur pictures, which have been edited in Instagram. Still, I believe these photos accurately represent the kind of…basic aesthetic I’m attracted to when taking pictures. I love pictures that […]

Learning from the Experts

Ira Glass: Glass’s series on storytelling┬ánot only taught me about the important factors in radio broadcasting, but also showed me how similar things are to regular storytelling. Throughout listening to his videos, I found myself relating his ideas with what radio broadcasting should be, to what I’ve learned about how traditional writing or even art […]

“Broke Sophomore in College” reviewed by Broke Senior

I was attracted to “Broke Sophomore in College” due to its relatable title, as can be imagined, and it’s very true to said title. The story itself is told in a rather simplistic way, like a cautionary fairytale you’d tell your young children, but it serves its purpose in relating a story about a college […]

Vonnegut’s Approach to Bronte’s Villette

Firstly, a warning: there will be some major spoilers. Charlotte Bronte’s Villette is an amazing novel, and I fully recommend reading it, especially if you’re a fan of Jane Eyre. There will be spoilers for the novel in the explanation of this graph, though, so just be prepared. This is a graph for Charlotte Bronte’s […]