Ring, Ring, Wrong Number

For this assignment (4.5 stars), we had to have a phone conversation with ourself! Probably more awkward than getting a wrong number, is getting a wrong number that won’t end. But maybe that person on the other end was trying to tell you something secretly? Ah, who cares. What a weirdo. Process: Wrote the script […]

“I’ll be back in five minutes”

A child is playing upstairs with their toys, happy and carefree. The babysitter has just stepped out for a moment; “I need to go pickup the pizza. They don’t want to deliver. Just stay in your room and I’ll be back in five minutes.” The child nods and continues giggling and playing. The babysitter leaves, […]

Through the Forest: An Original Poem

Through the sunbeams in the leaves the sturdy trunks support the sky. Birds chirp quips about you as you walk. Through the forest of yellow fog, a hazy sea with swirls of green, shadows stretching out their arms, reaching out to lead you deeper. I’ve long been in these woods, the heat oppressive, the sense […]

UnReality: Spooky Dialogue Audio Assignment

I chose to do the Spooky Dialogue audio assignment in the assignment bank, because I figured it would allow me a chance to really play around with the different things I can do in Audacity, and I’m attracted to spooky and unsettling things. Basically, for this assignment, we have to make and edit a recording […]