[Witty Title about Consumer Mashups]

So, it’s been a long couple days, where I’ve mostly just been sleeping and eating delicious foods. Not that that isn’t what I do normally, just now I’m at home so it’s making assignments even more tiring. You know? Anyway, I decided to do the Consumer Mashup assignment (3 stars). For this assignment, we had to think of a place where we normally buy stuff, and then think of what we normally buy there, and mash them together into a nice little logo.

I chose to use Giant, because despite living on the other side of campus, I go there pretty much all the time. It’s part of my “I eat all the time” quota. And what do I eat more of than ice cream.


I probably eat ice cream way too often, and I don’t know why. It’s just so good, you know? I get ice cream almost every time I go to Giant, so that’s got to be my biggest purchase.

I decided to take the little fruit pieces/feathers (depending on how you see the logo) and turn them into an ice cream sundae, with a little cherry on top. Typically I just buy little pints of Ben and Jerry’s (Chubby Hubby is the best flavor), but I didn’t think that would translate as well into the design.


Step 1: Find the logo in a decent size. I used this image from google.

(Decent size can translate to whatever you want, but I try to use bigger images. Scaling a large image down turns out much cleaner than scaling a small image up)

Step 2: Open GIMP and paste the image into a new file

Step 3: Take the little fruits/feathers, use the rotate tool and the scale tool until they were the way I wanted them

Step 4: Select one of the little scoops of ice cream using the wand tool, then go to Colors > Colorize and fiddle around with them until they’re whatever color

Step 5: I decided to just free hand a little cherry on top

Step 6: Then export the file and voila, it’s done!

One thought on “[Witty Title about Consumer Mashups]

  1. Great design mashup, Tori! I love the simplicity of the logo. I think that more graphic designers are going for that simplistic, straight to the point kind of look these days and moving away from flashy. This logo makes me want to go to Giant and get me some ice cream! #talkingpolack106

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