Where is Babby?

Where is Babby

The name is Melanie, and I’ve been doing work around this house for years now. 5 years to be exact. I’ve been solving crimes since the day I was born.

I’ve solved a lot of them in my life. The case of the missing pacifier (it rolled under the coffee table), the case of the broken vase (Buster knocked it over on accident). My hardest one to-date was the mysterious case of the eaten broccoli (stuffed under the chair cushion when mom and dad weren’t looking). But never in my entire life did I think I would be solving a case so close to my heart.

One morning I came down to the playroom, opened up my toy chest, and saw something. Or didn’t see something. Babby, my best friend, my favorite stuffed animal in the whole world…was missing!

I got to work setting up the crime board like I saw people do in those shows that mom likes to watch at night. I knew my dad wasn’t in the house at the time of the disappearance, and so he was ruled out. And I also couldn’t find a picture of him in the box in the office. So that left mom, Buster, the baby, and Delanie.

First thing I had to do was question all the suspects. I started with Delanie, because she entered the playroom right after I discovered the kidnapping. I asked her if she knew where Babby was, but she gave me a confused look and told me she didn’t know where Babby was. I asked if she was lying, and if she had actually stolen Babby like she stole my Skipper Barbie doll a few weeks ago. She said she didn’t do it. I let her slide for now.

Next, I went to find Buster. Usually he sits behind dad’s rocking chair in the TV room, but today he was gone. I went to the front door and saw that his leash was gone: no dice. Dad must have taken him on a walk.

I rushed upstairs to question the baby, knowing that he liked to steal things when people weren’t looking–right out of the palm of your hands! He was a wily foe indeed. But as I got up to his room, I saw the sign: “Baby sleeping, Shh”. He must have been put down for his nap.

That just left mom. I heard her in the laundry room as I was looking for Buster, so I slid down the stairs and swung the door open. There she stood, in her lounge pants and old t-shirt. Her hair was still messy because it was Saturday, and she looked tired. We stared at each other for a minute, and she asked me what was up. She was unloading the dryer very slowly.

Where’s Babby, I asked her.

“Oh, I needed to wash him,” she said. She confessed! But before I could accuse her of her wrong-doings, Babby was placed in my arms, fresh out of the dryer, smelling like my bed sheets.

Another crime solved.


For This Assignment Is Suspect, a required assignment for this week, we had to create a suspect board, like out of a ridiculous TV show! I have never for the life of me been able to understand these, so coming up with an idea took a little while. But, inspiration hit me at some point, in the strangest way, and I decided to write a crime drama about a little girl’s missing stuffed animal. It’s very…Rugrats-esque, I suppose, but it was fun to do.


Everything was basically stock photos, manipulated and cropped and resized in GIMP. The thumbtacks had their hues changed, and all of the text was written in GIMP as well.

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