UnReality: Spooky Dialogue Audio Assignment

I chose to do the Spooky Dialogue audio assignment in the assignment bank, because I figured it would allow me a chance to really play around with the different things I can do in Audacity, and I’m attracted to spooky and unsettling things. Basically, for this assignment, we have to make and edit a recording so that it sounds scary or “otherworldly”.

I knew that I wanted to focus on something that had to do with anxiety, existence, feelings of unreality, etc. because those are things that I find the most horrifying. As far as what I came up with, I am still uncertain about some things, although I wasn’t able to figure out exactly what I wanted everything to sound like. But I am happy about the background noises, with came out far better than I could have expected.

For the process:

I began by downloading Audacity, a program I have used and played around with in the past. Then I just messed around with it, recording the main dialogue until it was about how I wanted it, editing it in certain places (usually just pitch changes, a couple speed/tempo changes, and echos/reverbs), and then worked on the background sounds. For a couple of them, I found the “wahwah” effect to be fascinating, and 2 tracks are reversed because there’s really nothing creepier than people talking backwards.

For the strange, alien spaceship noise in the background, I ran my finger over the microphone on my headphones, and then used the “noise reduction” effect and was just lucky that it turned out sounding really cool. Like…really, I didn’t expect it to sound like that, I was initially planning on making regular old static, but it turned out super cool, so I’d suggest playing around with that.

Overall, could I have done more to this? Probably. Could I have made it creepier? Also probably. But this assignment was enjoyable, and allowed for me to learn more about Audacity than I’ve had to learn for assignments in the past.

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