Through the Forest: An Original Poem

Through the sunbeams in the leaves
the sturdy trunks support the sky.
Birds chirp quips about you as you walk.
Through the forest of yellow fog,
a hazy sea with swirls of green,
shadows stretching out their arms,
reaching out to lead you deeper.
I’ve long been in these woods, the heat
oppressive, the sense of my existence
Underwhelming. I walk, not to escape,
not to go deeper, not to forget
or remember. I walk through these woods
to hear the birds and the trees,
to feel the shadows comfort me.


I decided to do the Recite an Original Poem audio assignment, because it intrigued and attracted me. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with poetry, aside from occasionally reading and analyzing it, so I was very excited to get to stretch my fingers and mind and come up with something. For this assignment, you have to write a poem that matches your blog’s theme, and then just record it, without anything fancy. Just how you would describe your blog, and a plain recording of you reading it.

The hardest part was, of course, writing the poem. What I created is still rather raw (most of the things I create do not get the amount of polish they really need), but I think that suits the theme of my blog. I’m very open about my emotions and certain things, and I don’t necessarily try to censor what I say, but it is buried and vague sometimes.

There needed to be a focus on the appearance of my blog, of course, and that was easy to accomplish. It’s just trees. What I really wanted to do in this poem is have that sense of uneasiness that I think comes with some of my blog posts. There’s always something introspective about them, where I’m just kind of talking to myself about my problems. I figured a walk through a slightly unsettling forest would be a fun idea. I invite the reader to follow along, but you don’t have to if you’d rather not walk through a shadowy mindscape.

For the process:

It was really easy. Just write up the poem (possibly difficult if you don’t like poetry, which I find that a surprising amount of people don’t), and then record it in Audacity. Unfortunately, my recording equipment (which is honestly just a set of headphones) is a little wonky, which is why the sound gets muddled and watery for a line or two, but it happened every time I recorded, so we’ll just have to pretend it’s fine.


For fun: a drabble based around this assignment, posted on my Personal tumblr “blog” (excuse the untidiness of the layout, I have to work on it)

One thought on “Through the Forest: An Original Poem

  1. I enjoyed your audio. It definitely matches your theme on your blog, which is a good thing!! Your voice was clear and I understood the poem. I bet it was challenging thinking of what to write in your poem, but it was great. I’m glad you didn’t have any difficulty recording your audio. Great job! #talkingPolack106

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