Thirty-five Cents, and Some Imagination

For the mandatory visual assignment this week, Apophenia, we had to look transform a picture of a regular object into what we could imagine it being. This was hard for me, because, despite having an over-active imagination when it comes to seeing every shadow as a possible intruder, I found it difficult to imagine everyday objects as anything interesting.

So, I went with kind of a boring thing. I took these two coins, which were sitting like this on my coffee table


And I thought…huh…that kind of looks like one of those old-timey bicycles. Like the one Captain Kirk rides in Princess Diaries 2, a movie I unabashedly watch. So, I turned it into this:


Then I thought…well…if I put them closer together, I can make


A snowman!

And just a liiiittle bit closer…



To get some really cool body shapes.

It’ll be hard looking at coins after this assignment.


Same old. Take a picture on my phone, open in GIMP, and then for the last 3 I just drew over it with the paintbrush tool.

For the bicycle one, I went and found a simple picture of one of those bicycles, and then used the scale, rotate, and perspective tool to get everything to fit together. That’s all there is to it!

2 thoughts on “Thirty-five Cents, and Some Imagination

  1. After viewing your assignment I’ll never look at coins the same way! It’s amazing how you could visualize a bicycle out of two coins that were laying in the arrangement and it was even more interesting that you saw three other images simply by rearranging the layout of the coins.

  2. Hey Tori!

    I’m sorry that you didn’t see that I was part of your group till fairly late in the week. My canvas was not showing any groups until recently. I’m still not sure exactly what happened.
    It doesn’t matter if you chose something boring, what matters is how you work with it! Your bicycle one looks great. That blue color contrasts with the coins very nicely.
    The lady looks like a gladiator! Pretty neat 🙂 #talkingpolack106


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