The King Fly Killer Commercial

So for this assignment, and staying in the same vein as our radio show, I decided to mix old and new in this commercial for the King Fly Killer, a fly swatter patented in the 1900s. Here’s a newspaper ad for it! My roommate pointed it out to me in a book titled From Hearth to Cookstove, and I figured it would be a perfect thing to do a commercial for! Who doesn’t need a good old-fashion fly swatter?



Similar to my radio bumper, I kept things fairly simple. I recorded my voice first after writing down a quick script, and reduced the noise on that. Then I found a good fly noise from and cut that audio up so that I could have longer buzzes.

I knew I wanted to have the fly getting smacked, so I took the opportunity to take the last buzz, change the pitch in increments to be descending, and then adjusted the pitch again so it was altogether higher and more fly-like.

Then I found the smacking nosie at, cut out all but one of the smacks, and adjusted the pitch and speed to my liking.

Finally, I got Fig Leaf Times Two from, placed it underneath, did a fade out on the seconds after my speaking ends, and then cut the rest.

I also adjusted the volume levels on the tracks themselves to make sure that what needed to be heard (my voice foremost, and the fly buzzing) could be heard.

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