Over the Garden Wall Trailer

In a strange twist of fate, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the end of Over the Garden Wall! So I suppose it’s fitting that I chose to complete the Complete Package assignment (4.5 stars) by making a trailer for OTGW.

This show, even though it’s only a 10-episode mini-series, is absolutely phenomenal, and I hope that shows through in the trailer. I wanted to tease some things without giving anything away, because there are a lot of twists in every episode that will completely destroy how you perceive everything in the show.

I also purposely neglected including a title and credits sequence, even though I know we’re supposed to include these in these assignments, because of the nature of this assignment and the video in particular. It would just feel strange to have something like that around the video, so I’m taking creative liberties with it. But to be safe, all the clips and music and sounds are from the show, which belongs to Cartoon Network, etc. etc.

Anyway, I know I’ve talked extensively about Over the Garden Wall before in a previous post, and so there isn’t…too much I can say about it at this point that wouldn’t seem redundant or like I obsess over the show (which I do, but that’s beside the point). So I hope you enjoy the trailer, and maybe if you were on the fence about watching it, or have never heard of it before, it’ll make you want to see it.


This was, so far, the most complex assignment I completed. I wanted to mix up clips, and have some audio extend onto other clips.

So first, I went to Clip Converter, and downloaded various clips in both MP4 and MP3 files. Since it’s such a small series, and Cartoon Network has tons of important clips on their Youtube, it wasn’t too hard finding what clips I wanted to use.

Then it was just a matter of chopping up all the different clips, arranging them in a way that I liked, using the “Fade to Black” visual effect for most of them, and then layering the audio (some voice sections, some music, and then some more chopped-up voice sections) underneath.

It was basically using all the knowledge from before, but in a more complicated way.

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