My (Immortal) Lunch

Hi my name is xXJadeStone_Rawr_45Xx and my lunch is a reheated leftover rice and chicken soup (but its super goth ok??) with orange carrots and sliced celery that’s cooked with chopped onions and water and it has tons of spices like oregano and a lot of people say I cook like Giada de laurentiis (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Bobby Flay but I wish I was because he’s a really good chef. My soup is simple, but it’s really delicious. My soup is cooked for an hour. My soup is also really good to put in the freezer to save for later which is what I did (it’s 2 days old). My soup is super emo (in case you couldn’t tell) because it’s made with my tears instead of just tap water. I love this soup and I make it all the time. For example, one time I made it but instead of using wild rice like the recipe says, I used white rice and it worked just as well.  I also make it all the time because it’s pretty healthy for you and really filling. I make it when it’s cold outside. It’s cold outside today, which I’m happy about. I have a lot of junk food in my apartment. I put up my middle finger at them.


So, I never went through an emo phase. Sure, I wore wrist bands all the time, and I had a purple and black striped hoodie that I wore everywhere, and I mostly wore black t-shirts from Hot Topic, and in my notebook that I carried around with me everywhere instead of talking to people I drew myself with emo fringe…But I wasn’t emo!

The most memorable thing from when everyone around me was going through that emo phase was My Immortal. Oh god help you if you don’t know what My Immortal is/was. It was a notoriously awful Harry Potter fanfiction, that also featured My Chemical Romance, and has been the predecessor to some truly spectacular fanfictions that follow the same vein of “so bad that it becomes classic”.

That means, for my Remixed Assignment, which asked me to describe my lunch, but in an emo way…I was going to do it the My Immortal way. This is an edited version of the first paragraph of the story, which has pretty much become a meme in how awful it is. I tried to leave it as similar to the original as possible, although obviously I had to change the syntax of some sentences.

And, if I’m being honest…I’ve never actually read My Immortal myself. I’ve read excerpts, and I’ve heard things about it, but I completely missed that train. Probably a good thing too, since it seems to haunt us to this day.

(by the way, if you want to know what soup I made, here’s the recipe. I skip doing the milky part, and use white rice (following those instructions rather than the recipe instructions).)


To complete this assignment, I first generated it using the Remix Generator.

Then I just had to think up what I wanted to write, and write it down. That’s it. Very simple assignment.

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