My Buddy Benjamin

My Buddy Benjamin

My teddy bear Benjamin (née Sebastian) is over thirty years old. My mom got him when she was younger, and then she handed him down to me when I was born. Happily, I haven’t lost him, and I can’t wait to give him to my future child. But, in the meantime, he’s still mine, and that meant I could take him on an adventure for the Buddy Photo Assignment (2 stars)!

Today I took him to Giant. Not that exciting. We went to go get some powdered sugar (for my failed latte mug cake attempt) but we inevitably got distracted by the ice cream. It’s just so tempting–our sweet tooths can’t handle it!

I’m sure it’s incredibly unsafe/unsanitary/downright crazy to put your old stuffed animal in a public ice cream freezer. Nobody saw us, except maybe some cameras…and my roommate… but even if they had, could they really throw out a couple of cuties like me and Benjamin?


Well…hm….to do a process for this seems so odd, really. The main part was just carrying my teddy bear across campus, putting him in a giant freezer, and taking the picture with my phone.

Okay, I mean, angling and paying attention to the lighting (which, to my surprise, is not that great as I originally thought it would be) is also important.

Most of the work came from the editing. And…most of that work was just me fiddling around in GIMP. I just fiddled with the “curves”, saturation, contrast, brightness, hues, etc for a long time. Then I selected everything except Benjamin, the ice cream, and the foreground rack, and used Gaussian blur on everything else until it looked good.

I do everything willy-nilly when it comes to editing photos in GIMP. It’s just playing around with sliders and colors until I come to a satisfactory end. If you plan on using GIMP, I’d recommend also just….fiddling with things. Choose different options, play around with stuff, have fun.

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