Jessie and the “Candy” Factory


Well, I’ll be honest. I haven’t watched any Breaking Bad. Honestly, I haven’t watched a lot of popular shows or movies. Which means, when doing the Mashup Children’s Book assignment (2.5 stars), I had pretty much no idea what to do! It was a fun idea, and I love looking at these kinds of mashups (even if I don’t understand the pop-culture references). But I was basically grasping at things, thinking “This makes sense, right?”

I also haven’t read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Or any of Dahl’s novels. What a sad childhood I lived, what kind of English Major fraud am I! But I’ve watched both the movies multiple times, so I kind of had an idea of what to do with it. Plus, I didn’t want to use a Dr. Suess book, like the example and many of the previous students’ assignments. I thought, “What’s another popular children’s author? Roald Dahl!”

Then, after seeing the cover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I decided that it would be pretty easy to convert that to Breaking Bad. I don’t know if this has been done before. It probably has. But I didn’t look up any examples, and I created this with my own bear hands, so I’ll just pretend that I am fully innocent of any similarities to other arts.


Step 1: Get a picture of the original cover (I used this one)

Step 2: Open it up in GIMP

Step 3: Basically just paint over it, trying to emulate the style of the original image.

Step 4: For the meth, I took one of the candies originally on the cover, copied it, and then rotated/flipped/scaled/and moved it around in various ways (and then drew the little baggies over them)

Step 5: Use the text tool and just type out what’s necessary, editing the size and line spacing as necessary

Step 6: Export the image, and that’s it!

One thought on “Jessie and the “Candy” Factory

  1. Wow, really good job! The book cover looks great. The title fits well with the images, and the artisitic aspect of the cover looks wonderful. Having watched Breaking Bad, this is a perfect mashup, but also a tad dark. The candy serves as a cover up analogy for the meth that Walter White is responsible for. GIMP is a great digital tool, easy to use and the results are great. #talkingpolack106

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