I love Writing

Honestly, if it’s not clear from how many times I’ve said it, or the fact that I’m in the Creative Writing concentration: I love writing. I’ve loved writing ever since I was a tiny little elementary school kid. I had a binder with various poems that I had written, and it just grew from there.

In the fourth grade, I got the opportunity to participate in my school’s creative writing program. It was a private school, so it’s not like it was very prestigious or life-changing, but I did (technically) publish my first book. It was about an alien girl who was planning on going to prom, but got trapped in some strange world, and had to defeat the bad guy so she could get back to her prom date. It had little clipart pictures and everything. I even remember who my main character looked like!:

We bound them in little books, with hard covers. Just small little booklets. But it’s technically the first thing I’ve ever published, and though I’m not sure I have it anymore, I still adored it. From them on, although I may have wavered a bit, my only goal in life was to become a writer. I want to create worlds, humans and creatures that feel, to make readers feel along with them! It’s so important to me to be able to write.

Especially now, in November, it feels like all I’m doing is writing. I’ve written 30,000 words in the past six days, not including school assignments! And I love it. I love the way a story flows and carries you. The way these worlds unfold in front of me, and all I have to do is write it out.

For the What do you love? assignment (4 stars), I decided to go with writing as what I truly love in life. I wanted to set the video to Syd Matters’ “Obstacles”, because that (and the rest of the Life is Strange: Episode 1 soundtrack) has been the background music for all my writing sessions so far. Not to mention, the song in particular conjures up ideas of adventure and being young and making stories. Also I just love the way it sounds (aesthetics are important to me in every art form).

I used a variety of different pictures. Most of them are just from a google image search of “writing gifs” (although they unfortunately don’t appear as gifs in the video). You can probably tell the ones from Whisper of the Heart, a movie about writing that speaks to me on so many different levels. There are a couple of my own pictures, like the ones of my NaNo word count right before and after I hit the halfway mark on 11/5/2015, a cup of tea, my tendinitis-ridden wrist that’s not getting any rest. I’ve also included little blurbs from various stories and drabbles that I’ve written that I’ve really liked. And the video sections are all just me working on my novel.


I used the knowledge from my last three assignments all combined together, using techniques like speeding up the video sections, adding images and video and music, all that wonderful stuff.

The most difficult part was just cutting the videos as it aligned with the music, and moving all the images around until they were where I wanted them to be. Aside from that, a fairly easy assignment!

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