Guess These!

Can you guess the five different songs in this 10 second mashup? They’re a bit all over the place! To be honest, I could have added so many different songs to this, or made it really hard and picked my favorite instrumental songs, but I just picked a bunch of random songs that I listen to on Youtube every other week or so. But, since the point of the 10 second song Mashup assignment (3.5 stars) is for you guys to try and guess the songs,

1) It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100
2) It’s the theme song of a character in an animated web series
3) The artist has a more well-known song that peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100
4) Uh……’s by an American Christian folk singer? And it’s about boats?
5) It’s from Animal Crossing (which narrows it down to about 150 songs)

My music preferences range from “I like this song because it makes me want to kick open a door and beat someone up” to “I like this song because it sounds pretty”. I’m a very simple person. But really, I know a ton of people who love certain genres and certain bands, and I’ve personally never felt that way. If I like a song, then I like this song. Sometimes I’ll look up more songs by that artist and start liking those songs, but typically I just let songs come to me.

That means a lot of my actual favorite songs are from video games. So, like, Toriel’s house from Undertale, or “The Lament of Falling Stars” from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (which I totally now realize I should have included in this mashup!) I decided not to use those, because I feel like they would be harder to recognize for a lot of people, and I do have favorite songs that have actually played on the radio (even if it’s a radio from, like, 2006).

Anyway, still wondering what these songs could be? Well, have some answers!
Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4, Song 5


1: Downloaded all the songs off Youtube using the ClipConverter

2: Imported those songs into Audacity

3: Selected 2-second sections from various parts of the song (parts I thought best exemplified the song)

4: Pasted them all together on one line, and put little spaces in between so it wasn’t a mess of sound

5: Exported the file and uploaded it to Soundcloud

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