Guess the Backwards Track

For the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment (3 stars), we had to take a song and reverse it. And you, the listener, has to guess what it is! Of course, you get three hints (and this might make it very easy!).

  1. It’s a cover of a Studio Ghibli song
  2. The song plays in the end credits
  3. The movie was released in Japan in 2014


I can’t just leave it at that, though. Hope you guessed it, because I’m giving away a bit of a spoiler! The cover is done by the lovely Lizz on youtube, and it is phenomenal. I chose it over the original partially because I can legally download her cover (there’s a link in the description of the particular video) and because I am elated that the song got a cover!

I’ve been in love with this movie since I first saw it earlier this year. I watched the subbed version, not realizing that it would be released in America this May, and on DVD just a few days ago on October 6th! I’m ecstatic about this movie, and the fact that it was great enough to have a song covered by a great singer and popular cover artist. Oh, I wish I could say what it is without giving away the answer!

If you figure it out, definitely watch it, because it’s such an emotional and warming tale. The magical realism is always a nice touch.



Very simple. Just download and import the mp3, and then reverse it.

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