Guess that Fingerspelling!

For the Signing Words assignment (4 stars), we had to fingerspell a word that was long enough for the viewers to guess. I was really excited to see this assignment. I took two years of ASL when I was in high school, and I absolutely loved it. The language is so fascinating linguistically, and the usefulness of it for people who are Deaf/HOH or mute is something I find absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately, UMW doesn’t offer an ASL course, and so I haven’t been studying it or keeping up with learning for the past 4 years. So one of the most difficult things about this video was relearning words and grammar (and I’m almost positive I got some things wrong). Sure, I could have just not done that, but I felt like it was important. Mostly because it allowed me to get back into studying it. Or at least using ASLU’s wonderful dictionary. Also it increased the challenge for me, since I already know the sign language alphabet pretty well (even if i’m clumsy at signing it)



So, I filmed it using my webcam, and then imported it into Windows Movie Maker


To add the captions, I clicked the “Caption” button (as seen in the first image), and these are the options I chose for it. The text is white with a narrow outline in black, and I played around with the Text Duration section so they fit where I want.


So this is what my captions look like


Then I imported the music in. I used some that I had previously downloaded for the radio show, from Incompetech.


I messed with the music volume so it wasn’t too loud (although there’s no other sound going on in the video), and also allowed it to fade out at the end


For the title and credit sequence, I just used those two, and chose from the various themes until I found one I liked.


Then I saved the video and uploaded it to YouTube!

One thought on “Guess that Fingerspelling!

  1. It really is nice to see a student take the time to incorporate the things they love into their work. I especially enjoy how you also added a bit of Halloween spirit into the mix; Roald Dahl would be proud, if you know what I mean. This is one of the best projects to come out of these weekly assignments I’ve seen in quite a while. #talkingpolack106

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