Final Project Media


The gifs at the beginning of the story were inspired by the GIF Animate Your Day like Ben assignment. I figured it would be a cute and relatively challenging idea, that would help get into the character’s setting. This is how Sofie gets ready every day, so it’s really an incite into her life. I made all the gifs with Giphy.

These two voicemails were both inspired by the Who Called? assignment. I found the use of voicemail as the major form of dialogue to be perfect for this situation, as it lends itself to more miscommunication, since Sofie can’t directly answer them. I put the two voicemails together as well so that they could contrast themselves.



The dress designs were for the Fashionista assignment, which also helped to inspire the solidified story. Since there are two different characters, I wanted to have drastically different dresses. Diane’s (left) is one of those extravagant, elegant dresses, because she’s high-society. Bella’s is inspired by Cinderella a bit, and features an unusual length for wedding dresses, to show off a bit of her personality. I took a lot of inspiration from various different wedding dresses.

I always drew dresses when I wasn’t paying attention in class in middle/high school, so this was really a throw-back.


Wedding invite

The invitation was inspired by the Promotional Flyer assignment. I wanted to give it a really fairytale vibe, so I used one of these free designs for the border, and this font for the names. I also decided to make the names a little bit Cinderella-themed. Bella’s last name is Spanish for “Pumpkin”, and, of course, Eric’s last name is “Charming”, and a little inspired by Ella Enchanted.

For this little video, I chose to do a slightly different version of a 5-second film assignment. Basically, if it was a stand alone film, you would be seeing a person debating whether they want to just throw away a wedding invitation, or save it for later. The backstory would be that there’s obviously some turmoil between the character and whoever is in the wedding. But, since it’s inserted in the main story, it has a bit more information added to it. Obviously, the invitation in the video is the same one from above!

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