File #643-B1, Mysterious Objects

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Enter the world of Dr. Franklin Stenton, scientist and observer of the mysterious and unknown. He is well-known in in late 18th century New York as being a creator of…unusual, but fascinating inventions. But today, Dr. Stenton has received a package that he did not order, with a variety of objects which baffle him.



This is just a quick little short story for the Inklewriter Storytelling Assignment (3.5 stars). I would have continued on, but, knowing me, it would only get more complicated and needlessly lengthy. So we will simply take a look at some of these strange objects which Dr. Stenton has received.

I’ve used Inklewriter briefly before, in Electronic Literature. Funnily enough, it was one of my least favorite methods of storytelling out of the group that we tried (along with Twine and Inform 7 [my absolute fave]). It’s a bit too linear for the way my mind works, and I always worry about forgetting which paths I still need to finish or link to. But for some, it’s super easy and makes tons of sense, so definitely check it out, because it’s really fun to work with.


Steve Rechter’s Tutorial¬†is a great beginner’s guide on how to get started, and really shows how simple Inklewriter is to get working. But I’d like to expand on that, in case you’re like me and get lost in your thoughts easily, or are just trying some complicated things.


Alright, you’ve got your passage and your choices set up. Click the arrow next to one of the choices to take you to another passage/page that you can fill out.


Alright, we’re about at the same part as where Steve’s tutorial is. Now, for the story I did for this assignment, I went back to a couple of passages multiple times, creating loops for the readers to go through. To do this, create an option that suggests you’ll go back to a previous passage. In this case, setting the apple down will let you examine all the objects again.


This option will pop up and allow you to link this passage back to a previous passage. Simply click it…


…and a bar will pop up on the side, showing you all your previous passages! Click that first one.


Ta-da! You’ve created a loop!

Now, a helpful hint: You see those little red things sticking out of the sides of the posts? Those are markers. You can name them, and when you pull up the contents to join paragraphs together, they’ll be marked very clearly on the passage. This makes it so much easier when you’ve got tons of passages to look through, and don’t want to get lost looking for the right paragraph to link back to.

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