Etsy sells Everything!


Man, Etsy really does sell everything! From homemade baby clothes to human skulls, you can find just about everything on Etsy. And look! They’ll even do a custom order for you!


So for our required Storytelling Within the Web assignment, we had to change a site to something that tells a story. I decided to go with the Etsy route (because it’s rather infamous for selling just about anything you could think of). And, based of my recent searches on the site (don’t worry about it), altered the page of a mink skull to be a human skull.

I used the Mozilla X-ray Goggles, which made everything very simple. You really just click on what you want to change, alter it in the little textbox that pops up, and then hit update. Really, changing the web has never seemed so easy.

Here’s the original site (in case you too would like animal skulls to be in your search history forever), and here’s my altered site.

I now know the approximate height and width of an adult human skull!

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