Dear 16 y/o me (ps you’re an ass)

Sorry for the rather crude title, but I didn’t mention much in the video how much I actually hate 16 year old me. Seriously, she was actually the worst. She probably would have believed in reverse racism. The. Worst.

But, I still talked to her today in this video.

For the Dear 16 Year Old Me assignment (4 stars), we had to talk to our 16 year old self and give them some advice for the coming future and all the terrible decisions they’re about to make. Coincidentally, I believe 16 was the age when I really started to start figuring myself out (I hadn’t figured myself out yet, but I was almost at the beginning point, so….y’know). I found out about asexuality and social anxiety and found that they both fit me. I had my first really bad anxiety attack. I stopped crushing on a boy I had been crushing on for all of high school. I had the worst English teacher in all my years of learning.

But I wanted to warn myself more about the then-distant future. The beginning of college. The point in time where things actually started going to shit, and I slowly turned into an empty husk of a human being who doesn’t believe in reality and feels as though their entire existence is useless. I was having a bad week when I made this video, I think…or just a bad day. At this point, who knows.

But it’s cathartic to be able to talk to your younger self and tell them things about their future. Like I said, I hope there’s a future me right now telling me that things will get better.


Same as in the Fingerspelling assignment, but now I’ll explain the little cuts I made.

Initially, I filmed it so that it would be cut, cutting myself off, allowing for adequate time to make the cut, and then readjusting my position and face to act accordingly.

Then I put everything into Windows Movie Maker, and moved the slider to the point in time when the cut would occur.


Then I used the split tool to separate the video at that point in time, and then used the trim tool to cut out any excess at the beginning and end of these little separate parts, to make it look nicer.

One thought on “Dear 16 y/o me (ps you’re an ass)

  1. Hey Tori!

    This was..awesome. I felt like maybe I was the 16 year-old you, or that we are really good friends and you are sharing your life with me. I think that’s what the point of this assignment was and you hit it our of the park. I laughed when you said you would punch yourself! This was very heartfelt and i’m glad you did it. As we grow up and learn things, sometimes it’s hard not to cringe at remembering some of the stupid sh…stuff we did when we were young. Here’s to growing up and learning even more!


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