Darcy’s Squeaky Proposal

The 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is beloved by all. It’s sometimes credited as the beginning of the cult-ish nature of Jane Austen works. And, of course, it has a lovely, completely unnecessary scene of Colin Firth in a wet shirt.

Really, though, this adaptation is really great. To be honest, despite being an English major, I hadn’t read or watched any Austen until a year ago. Heck, I haven’t read most “classics”. I’m just about to start Animal Farm and I’m just happy we’re doing an exigency reading and not a historical reading of it, because I’ve never studied it before. Anyway, Austen.

For the Chipmunk Style assignment (3.5 stars), I decided to take this iconic scene from the 6-hour series and alter it. But, I also wanted to take some creative liberties with it because, honestly, if BBC can add a wet Colin Firth for no reason, then I should be allowed to tweak the assignment a bit. I just wanted to have Darcy be high-pitched and chipmunk-y. It’s a lot more fun that way, as well as adding a bit of a challenge to the assignment.

I also chose the proposal scene because it’s such a serious moment, when these two characters are opening up to each other. It’s so dramatic, there isn’t any background music, it’s just their raw emotions. And there’s a fair amount of Darcy talking, as well as Elizabeth. And I just like the way Darcy stomps around the room like an anxiety-ridden child.


First I found the clip on Youtube,  and used Clip Converter to download both the .MP4 and the .MP3 file.

I opened the .MP4 into Windows Movie Maker, and the .MP3 into Audacity.

In Audacity, I listened through the audio, selecting only Darcy’s parts and changing the pitch to something that sounded comedic, but didn’t get too distorted.

Then I saved it and put it into Windows Movie Maker like I have in previous assignments, lined it up with the clip, and added the title and credits. Pretty simple!

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