A Splash of Magic

Splash of Magic

My bookshelf for this semester is just filled with so many books, some aren’t even pictured here! But there’s one book that’s just for me. Something that’s just for fun, that I know I can relax and enjoy and not have to worry about analyzing and papers. Just a little bit of magic to brighten my day.

This was for the Splash the Color assignment (3.5 stars)! In this assignment, we had to take a picture and isolate a single object to retain its color, and the rest of the photo had to be in black and white. I love this type of photography, because depending on what’s highlighted, it could have so many different meanings.

For this picture in particular, I wanted to highlight my spellbook amongst all the books I have to read for this semester. I figured since it’s the only book I’ve gotten to read in my spare time, and its subject is so vastly different than what I’m studying this semester, it would be perfect!


For this, I used GIMP, because it’s the best and I don’t have anything else downloaded. And I know how to work it mostly. So, for this, you have to open the image in GIMP


Then, you take this tool and this mode:


This is the “fuzzy selection” tool, with the “add to current selection” mode. Basically, you click the area you want to select (drag it to select more or less), and then with this mode on, you can just keep clicking away to complete your selection.

Of course, if your object is like mine and doesn’t select easy, you’ll eventually move on to:


The lasso tool with the add mode! This allows you to freehand an area to select. Draw around the little bits that you just couldn’t get before with the wand. This step is a little tricky if you have an unsteady hand, and that’s okay, because that’s what the next step is for.


Still on the lasso, select the “subtract from selection” mode. This is the opposite of the add-to mode (of course), and allows you to draw around areas you don’t want to include. You’ll probably jump between this mode and the other mode a lot, until you have exactly what you want.

You can also use the other selection tools (just make sure to set the right mode), or the first tool on the second row of tools, which selects every instance of a color throughout the image. So if I clicked on the red “A” in Animal Farm, it would also pick all the rest of the red in the picture.

Next comes the actual fun part.


Go to the toolbar and hit select, and then invert. This takes the area you selected, and then selects everything around it instead. Then


Go to Colors and Desaturate, play around and see which option suits your needs, and you’re done! A bit time-consuming, but with a great result!

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