A Conflict of Self-Interest

Lately it seems there’s no way for me to have any free-time to do something that I want to do. Of course, I do want to learn things in school, as well as write this novel, but I also want to play video games! I bought Undertale at the beginning of this week, and I haven’t even gotten a chance to even open it. To even look at the main menu. Anything!

I’m always berating myself, no matter what I’m doing. “Oh, you’re writing? You should be doing homework” and “Oh, you’re doing homework? You haven’t finished today’s word count” always go through my mind. It’s also accompanied by this constant need to play video games. I’m basically a Sim with the “gamer” trait, constantly tense from not being able to play games.

But, alas, school comes first. And for the required assignment this week, we had to make a film of us talking to ourselves. This was probably the most stressful assignment I have ever encountered, because, as a PC user who doesn’t make videos often, I had no way of completing the assignment the way it was suggested we do it. I have Windows Movie Maker and no green screen; there was no way I was going to create a masterpiece with the equipment I had. Oh, I tried, but it was not going to work.

So instead, we went the good ol’ route of films from before we had special effects and green screens! Cutting back and forth between myself and myself, filming little scenes separately. I tried to increase the difficulty for myself, adding in that part at the end where the camera cuts back and forth and I’m arguing with myself. But we’ll go into how I did that now.


So, I began by making a small script and then filming each part (by holding the camera in my hand). I then added all of those little videos into Windows Movie Maker, cut them up, and rearranged them into the correct place. I also did further editing to each clip, when there was excess silence around dialogue, so that it didn’t seem so odd.

Then came the difficult part of the back-and-forth fight scene. This required me to extract the audio from the specific clips, using Audio-Extracter.net. I then took these two audio clips, put them into Audacity, cut out any of the parts I didn’t need, and exported it.

Then I muted the audio of the scenes in Windows Movie Maker, put the new audio in, and deleted several inbetween scenes, so that the video and audio would kind of sync up.

Then I just added the title and credits, and that was it.

One thought on “A Conflict of Self-Interest

  1. Great Job! This is such a perfect and typical conversation of a college student. I go through this same conversation constantly. “I want to watch tv or work out, but I really should be studying, etc”. This is a difficult assignment because it involved only person, but the trick is to duplicate yourself to replicate that back and forth conversation. The fact that you are wearing different clothes in both cuts is good because it reinforces the internal battle you are facing. Have you used Windows Movie Maker and Audio-Extracter a lot? From this video, it appears so! #talkingpolack106

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