Lets DesignBlitz!

So, for this designblitz, I decided to stick to the variety of stuff I have around my apartment, because it is gross outside, and I have a lot of stuff in my apartment. It wasn’t too difficult to find designs that captivated some of these concepts. Let’s begin with:

Design Blitz

This is my roommate’s big Hershey’s Chocolate mug, which I was temporarily borrowing for hot cocoa last night. I found the typography on “Hershey’s” to be really interesting, because it’s so elaborate and stylized. It’s completely different from the plain, sans serif font that you normally see on the packaging, and I think that’s because this design was made specifically for the mug. Yes, you could use the normal typography and get the same effect, but this makes it feel more old-fashioned and home-y, which is probably what they were going for.

Design Blitz

Once again, my roommate’s. I think this bottle shows minimalism because it is deliberately simple. Odds are, you’ve heard the Fiji water commercials, a female, child-like voice that tells you about how the water is bottled straight from the source, untouched by humans, etc. The design for the logo is, therefore, also barely touched or altered into anything fantastic. It’s simple, but bold, and bond to stand out compared to the other bottled waters.

Design Blitz

Speaking of other bottled waters, here’s the opposite of Fiji: SmartWater, water from the clouds. I chose this one because, obviously, this design is showing a water/rain droplet. I’d also consider it a “fluid” (pun intended) design, because of the curves and the way it draws the eye around the word “smart”. You can also see that on the other side of the bottle, there’s an image of a cloud. These bottles have images on the inside of the little sticker wrapper thing, with animals and phrases like “h2o with a 4.0” and “aren’t you clever”. It’s kind of an interesting (and a little unsettling) thing to have messages in the bottle, and I think part of it is to make the drinker want to buy more of this brand, just to see all the messages.

As a little bonus, because there are two different water bottle brands and I know I can’t use these for a different concept, I’d like to point out

Design Blitz

Of course water bottles are going to boast the color blue: water is blue, duh. But it’s really interesting to compare two different highly renowned water bottle companies and the colors they use. The colors are…pretty much the exact same! A dark blue and a light, tinged-teal blue. Of course, Fiji’s is a gradient and SmartWater is just one color on the inside, a different on the outside. but still, I find the comparison to be really interesting.

Anyway, on to the final concept:

Design Blitz

This is a tin of chocolate chips that my roommate bought specifically because the canister looked nice. And it does! The images on it have that old-timey feel that I believe is becoming popular. It also shows exactly what these chocolate chips are to be used for: baking…with the family. The message Nestle is giving is that their chips bring the family together, and have done so for a long time. That’s very clear through their canister.

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  1. You took me for a loop with the final product not being a container for liquids. It is quite interesting to note that with the very competitive world of brand marketing, companies work to cram as much aesthetic style into a single item as possible. It is interesting to see how something as plain as a water bottle can exhibit so many of the traits. In fact, I bet you could have taken 4 different pictures of one of the water bottles and demonstrated the existence of the different traits.

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