Name: Tori Lear
Major: English Major, Creative Writing concentration
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Video games (watching and playing), writing, doodling, watching TV/Netflix, browsing the internet
Interests: Video games, cartoons (currently watching: Yu-Gi-Oh!, awaiting: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe), witchcraft, plants, Victorian novels, Horror manga (specifically Junji Ito)



My name is Tori Lear, and I guess I’m making a habit of signing up for classes that I know nothing about. After signing up for Electronic Literature in Spring ’15, and thoroughly enjoying what I learned, I decided “Hey, Digital Storytelling sounds like an interesting class. Let’s sign up.”

And I can say I wasn’t at all prepared for what would come, but I am very excited to be trying something so new and out of my comfort zone. Plus, maybe once I learn and get comfortable with the different forms of storytelling and creating content, I’ll be able to carry these skills on to the world outside of college.