Looking, Listening, and Analyzing

So, for this assignment, I’ll be examining This Scene from the movie¬†Good Will Hunting, which I have never seen before. Let’s start! Look: The clip begins with Robin Williams in the center of the shot, and spends a long time just focused on him as he speaks. Then it very subtly begins panning/turning to the […]

Evaluation of Our Show (Wacky History)

The other thing we had to do for this week was an evaluation of our own radio show, Wacky History. Quality of Sound There is some sudden loud noises, like the transition from the initial loud Rachel introduction, to the second segment that she sent to me after the initial draft. There’s also some strange […]

Etsy sells Everything!

Man, Etsy really does sell everything! From homemade baby clothes to human skulls, you can find just about everything on Etsy. And look! They’ll even do a custom order for you!   So for our required Storytelling Within the Web assignment, we had to change a site to something that tells a story. I decided […]