Jessie and the “Candy” Factory

Well, I’ll be honest. I haven’t watched any Breaking Bad. Honestly, I haven’t watched a lot of popular shows or movies. Which means, when doing the Mashup Children’s Book assignment (2.5 stars), I had pretty much no idea what to do! It was a fun idea, and I love looking at these kinds of mashups (even […]

[Witty Title about Consumer Mashups]

So, it’s been a long couple days, where I’ve mostly just been sleeping and eating delicious foods. Not that that isn’t what I do normally, just now I’m at home so it’s making assignments even more tiring. You know? Anyway, I decided to do the Consumer Mashup assignment (3 stars). For this assignment, we had […]

My (Immortal) Lunch

Hi my name is xXJadeStone_Rawr_45Xx and my lunch is a reheated leftover rice and chicken soup (but its super goth ok??) with orange carrots and sliced celery that’s cooked with chopped onions and water and it has tons of spices like oregano and a lot of people say I cook like Giada de laurentiis (AN: if u […]